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Life These Days {Surviving Winter}

Thursday, February 26, 2015


This has been a long couple of weeks of full on hibernation here in Boston and Spring doesn't feel like it's within reach {at least the snow isn't melting anytime soon}. All this down time at home has me thinking up new projects, reading and organizing {one of my favorite things to do}. I'm trying to make the best of of the remaining couple weeks of winter and very unpredictable month of March. 

A few projects/and ways that I've been passing the time while stuck indoors: 

Creating a 2014 photo album which I hope to make a yearly tradition. Between my phone and Instagram I have so many pictures and want to be better about printing and reflecting back on each year through my many photos. 

I'm reading this book {read more about the author here} and it's changed my thinking around organization, clutter and the need to streamline and simplify. Purging is a theme with me in 2015 as I attempt to declutter our home. And, if you think that living in a 500 sq ft apartment in San Francisco would be challenge, consider how this might look for a family of four {this will make you rethink the need for all that extra stuff}. 

I also purchased this book {I'm channeling my inner super model} which is a fun read so far. Molly Sims seems so down to earth. She is brutally honest about her approach to style, beauty products, diet and exercise - it's refreshing to learn that she struggles with some of the same insecurities that we all struggle with at one point or another.

Even though time outside has been limited, I'm still trying to remain active with frequent visits to the gym. I'm also loving my new device which forces me to make sure that I'm tracking my daily steps. I can't wait to see how much my numbers change come Spring/Summer with my goal being to spend as  much time outdoors as possible.

How are you surviving the extra cold temps? 

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New Year, New Goals

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy New Year! I'm still in awe that we are approaching the end of the second full week in the new year, but excited to get back to this old blog of mine and say hello. Now that things have settled down a bit I'm hoping to dedicate more time to posting. We had a busy 2014 with our wedding {more to come on our big day in the coming weeks} buying a new home, moving and starting a new job. It was all consuming and truly an exciting year, but I'm hoping to find more time manage my time better and to focus on things that I really enjoy - like blogging. My goal will be share more about our home, the renovation project {maybe down the road a home tour}. I'm also working on eating a little healthier and being more active and hope to share more of  my journey towards becoming a healthier version of me. And lastly, more fashion related posts because that's truly my passion. I have a few fun projects in the works as well, that I plan to share more of, but overall I'm hoping that 2015 is the year of creativity for me. I look forward to documenting and sharing my path ahead and being more diligent about investing time on the things that took a backseat last year.In the meantime, I'll leave you with a bit of randomness {a few links and a few favorites}:

The workout that is helping me get back on track and pushing me like crazy. And, the workout gear {I'm waiting on my first order to arrive which you can find here, here and here} that makes working out fun.

I've been pinning healthy recipes like crazy from A House on The Hills.

If you have a dinner party coming up and want to enjoy your time with guests instead of worrying yourself with meal prep and clean-up, look to this company to find the perfect chef and menu to suit your party and hosting needs.

Five tips to a more stylish you.

A perfectly designed apartment that I could very easily call home.

If you are looking to make 2015 the year of travel and need a little guidance, here is a list of the 52 places you should visit.

The gift my husband loved most from Christmas. A subscription is a game changer for him.

My new favorite weekender. Perfect size and the cross-body strap will make it easier when using for work travel {total spurge item, but I'm big on investment pieces and this will be around for the long haul}.

 Love this simple DIY project to add a pop of color. It will look perfect on the campaign dresser I ordered.

And, if you ever find yourself questioning the Should vs. Must.

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How to Design a Room {from Scratch}

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Settling into a new home is an exciting and liberating experience – representing a potential-filled fresh start. Although hunting for apartments and shopping for homes can be exhausting challenges, finally moving into personal spaces is a thrill. However, decorating an entire home from scratch is a big job. Make the process more manageable and enjoyable by tackling one space at a time.Here is a step-by-step approach to ensure design ideas reach their full potentials.

Once complete, stand back and marvel at the new space. Remember, layout and accessories are interchangeable throughout time as new trends come into style. Following these simple steps allows an empty dwelling to be transformed into a comfortable and stylish abode.

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